Paroles de Move On

Now it seems I’ve been young, dug my hole in the ground
To me there’s only up, there ain’t no point in looking down

However hard I try, I only get weaker
Seems my lies and worries got my mind in a sleeper hold

What you gotta do is never get yourself down
Bastards do that for you, get you deeper in the ground
Keep out of trouble, ain’t no trouble being pure
Seems like all you bastards gave me something to ignore now

Move on, forget it
Now move on, forget it

When I first started this rapping shit I felt pressure from haters
Became invaded with sadists and just developed a hater radar
And made for the stars, kept my grind in the dark
And then appeared with a remedy kicking rhymes with a melody
Hennesey shots and glocks, all these fools on the block
Who said you gotta be a gangster now to raise to the top?
I'm just a normal, casual, usual, everyday type of guy
With my head in the sky
Ed Sheeran, Urban Angel coming ready to die
So see the signs, stand to the side
Open your eyes and take a look and realise
The resurrection's arrived
And as the mist clears, homie I arise
From my tomb in disguise
I'm all alone, Alonestar
Urban Angel rising from the ashes
Surprising all haters, guiding, advising them all to steady move
Now back up!

Move on, forget it
Now move on, forget it

All I want in this cold world is to make music and use it
Not to abuse it and get affected, infected with the who's who of music
Who did it, who is it, who's in it, who …what the fuck does it matter?
Chitter chatter, don't matter, yidder, yidder, yadder
It don't matter to me
All I want is a bit of dignity in me to battle this industry freely
To be me in this seedy, needy world, can you hear me?
Yeah, yeah, can you hear me?

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# 1
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Beyoncé est allergique au parfum et ceux qu'elle porte ont été spécialement modifiés pour s'assurer qu'elle n'aie pas de réaction allergique.

# 2
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L'incroyable geste d'inclinaison de 45 degrés que Michael Jackson a fait dans son clip "Smooth Criminal" a été accompli grâce à une chaussure spécialement conçue par lui.

# 3
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Snoop Dogg à voulu louer toute la Principauté du Liechtenstein en 2010 pour célébrer la sortie de son nouvel album mais sa demandé a été refusée pour cause de «délais trop courts».

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